Water Tanks

AWWA – American Water Works Association provides standards and specifications, http://www.awwa.org provides specifications that will provide opportunities to learn how to development of storage tank design specification.

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Water tanks critical since the dawn of civilization, water tanks store and make water available for the citizens of cities, counties and states. Reservoirs take many shapes, lakes, ponds, bolted steel tanks to a 1 million gallons, fiberglass tanks to 50,000 gallons and polyethylene to 20,000 gallons.

  1. Drinking water for home and cities, polyethylene, fiberglass, welded and bolted steel. AWWA, FDA, NSF certifications guide successful construction, installation and maintenance protocol.
  2. Agricultural water considerations include water source, and since the quality water may vary as irrigation and farm animals requirements are different. Animals require clean water, which can originate as rain water, creek or river water, but must be treated to maintain freshness. Materials of construction include clay lined pond or lakes, cisterns of concrete, polyethylene or fiberglass. Above ground storage in bolted steel, welded steel, fiberglass, plastic polyethylene, fiberglass. AWWA is a good specification for general water storage.
  3. Fire water is stored in a variety of materials with a wide variance of storage and accessibility functionality. NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) projects a number of compliance requirements. This specification focuses on presenting a consistent source of fire water to the fire department agencies.
  4. Water for food and chemical production, may require additional treatment to meet requirements, Deionization ( DI ), Reverse Osmosis ( RO )

Consider that any water storage tank system is subject to contamination. PH, Algae spores, viruses and bacteria may see accelerated growth to the your storage tanks. Accelerated bacteria growth may cause your stored water to go septic, and grow things you would not want to ingest.

Algae is toxic and if ingested may cause illness and possibly death.

Photosynthesis requires light to grow algae, limit the light equals limited algae growth. Make sure your tank is opaque to limit light to your water storage tanks.

PH either base or acid beyond neutral can cause problems with your water, adding heavy metal to your drinking water, extracted from plumbing used to move water through your home or system.

Test your water as often as possible; most pool supply companies will test your water for free… listen and integrate…

Fighting algae!!!

Black polyethylene plastic and opague fiberglass tanks are a natural for storing water under 50,000 gallons, outdoor storage, natural white for indoor applications. NSF, FDA, NFPA certifications.

Fiberglass with gelcoat, is a good solution to 50,000 gallons. FDA, NSF, NFPA and AWWA

Steel in either welded or bolted steel and a good storage vehicle larger water storage applications from 25,000 to millions of gallons of storage capacity. FDA, NSF, NFPA and AWWA

We specialize in aggressive chemical storage containers, Hydrofluoric acid HF, Hydrochloric Acid HCL, Sulphuric Acid; Sodium Hydroxide Caustics. Sodium hypochlorite bleach, Sodium Bisulphate, Alum, Polymer Storage, and many other chemical storage tanks and containers.