We ship to Maine (ME) from our plants in New York (NY) and Ohio (OH)

A. Tanks are available and manufactured to industry standards include, NSF 61 Certification, NFPA, AWWA, API, ASME, ASTM certifications & FDA Specifications.

B. Containers for the food production industry, Wine raw grape storage, Process toxicology , liquids, ph adjustment, tanks for chemical contact chambers, particle reduction, recipe mixer systems.

C. Plastic chemical storage tank applications, solved with polyethylene tanks, fiberglass tanks and lined carbon steel, chemicals include, Hydrofluoric acid HF, Hydrochloric Acid HCL, Sulphuric Acid; Sodium Hydroxide Caustics. Sodium hypochlorite bleach, Sodium Bisulphate, Alum, Polymer Storage, Lime Mixing and many other water treatment chemical storage vessels.

D. Plastic Polyethylene tank systems for de-icing systems, deicing chemical sprayer systems, Truck mounted mobile Herbicide Tanks and de-icing sprayer tank systems

E. Bag Filtration skidded systems for submicron and various mesh size particulates.

F. Skid mounted tank, mixer and pumps skids.

G. Fire suppression, NFPA water storage tanks… Fire Water Tanksystems are available in stainless steel tanks, bolted carbon steel tanks, plastic polyethylene tanks and fiberglass with all required process NFPA connections, ladders and controls.

H. Fish farming Systems with fish waste treatment systems. Plastic Cone bottom tanks based treatment systems for aquaculture, accelerates the removal of solids, Flat bottom tanks with aeration via fine bubble diffusion, high gpm pumps create turbulent flow fish tanks and creating a maintenance free producing a fish habitat with positive environmental conditions.

J. Waste treatment system tanks, WTP plastic chemical tanks, plastic polyethylene tanks and fiberglass tanks lower maintenance costs.

K. Manufacturing of alternative fuels, raw feed stock storage, reactor tanks, settling vessels, pump transfer, preliminary treatment and chemical mixing at various process stages.

L. Alternative fuel manufacturing must reduce water accumulation from environment, Air drying removes water born air from your process, low velocity air flow through a large desiccant bed air dryer systems

M. Process Mixer systems for mixing chemicals in fiberglass and polyethylene tanks, mixer bridges include mixers and 1-3″ diameter shafts, gear reduction available to 100:1, thick viscous or water like consistencies.

N. Brine maker / saturators using polyethylene vessels to manufacture brine solutions for a variety of process from alternative fuels to bleach production.

O. Plastic Storage tanks are used in many wineries for grape juice transport from other vineyards, short time wine storage functions.

P. Rain water collection systems are low maintenance with the use of plastic water tanks. Store rainwater today and use tomorrow rain water suitable for irrigation and most agricultural applications. Available in polyethylene, and fiberglass.

Q. Fiberglass FRP Containers at RAVENTANKS.com,

R. Turn key design and installation available.

S. High performance chemical storage tanks, Professional Grade Industrial Cross-linked and Linear Polyethylene tanks at Amprotec.net,

T. FDA Linear Polyethylene plastic tanks also available at Alltanks.com

U. Cone Bottom Mixing Tanks for Liquid Powder and all Liquid mixing systems with mixer bridges, all plastic and stainless contact parts.

V. There is a public and applicable law “Resource Conservation and Recovery Act” (RCRA) which outlines the management of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and solid wastes. This congressional law mandates the documentation and disposal processes to be used in the handling liquid and solid wastes. The EPA has the authority to develop the RCRA program approving proposed storage and disposal buy all generators. As much of this chemistry is a aggressive, plastic polyethylene and fiberglass tanks are an excellent choice to store and process these materials.

W. Pumps with High viscosity and large particle profiles and low and high flow pump rates. Skid Mounted Pump and Filter systems Water tanks, Plastic Tanks and Chemical Tanks, Custom process systems, transport solutions, Liquid Handling and Storage Tank Research and Development Projects a specialty.

X. Plastic Vessels and Containers are available in linear polyethylene, cross linked polypropylene and fiberglass FRP, vinyl ester and isophathalic resin systems. Plastic Storage Tank for RO final water product, front end raw water and post filter plastic poly tank containers allow you to run RO 24 hours a day to store required volumes.

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