News Flash – The many uses of Fiberglass (FRP) and Polyethylene (polytank) Vessels, Containers and Tanks…

There are so many challenges in process design, requirements are many, drinking water and fire water storage, nuclear energy production, chemical storage are our areas of expertise.

Many organizations, engineering, governmental & private govern aspects of design and application ASME, NACE, API, AWWA, NFPA, NSF, FDA…

  • Plastic Polytanks, Polyethylene, Steel, Fiberglass and Steel Chemical tanks and Water tanks. NSF 61 Certification, NFPA, AWWA, API, ASME, ASTM certifications & FDA Specifications.
  • Storage tanks for Chemicals, Food, Wine raw grape storage, Water & Waste Water Process liquids, ph adjustment, tanks for chemical contact chambers, particle reduction, custom mixer systems. Custom products like the Worlds Largest Margarita.
  • Plastic Water Tanks for reverse osmosis intermediate and final water products, front end raw water and post filtered water into plastic poly tank containers, allowing RO 24 hours a day if sized appropriately.
  • Truck mounted mobile Herbicide and de-icing sprayer systems using Plastic Polyethylene low profile horizontal tanks and pressurized distribution header system.
  • Ecological friendly steel, fiberglass and plastic fire water tanks, provide localized water supply for fire suppression and static water storage containers.
  • NFPA 22 Fire suppression water tanks in fiberglass, bolted steel and polyethylene. AWWA Bolted Steel Water & Fire Water
  • Stainless steel, fiberglass and polyethylene plastic tanks provide economical low cost solutions for highly aggressive chemical storage tanks.
  • Fish farming, waste treatment systems. Cone bottom plastic tanks are used in treatment systems for aquaculture, removal of solids, aeration via fine bubble diffusion, creation of turbulent flow within the fish habitation. Cone bottom tanks are an excellent devices in the waste water system.
  • Heavy Metal and Chemical Waste water treatment systems, utilize cone bottom plastic tanks, polyethylene is corrosion resistant and assists in the precipitation of solids, we can assist in the tank side design of water treatment plastic and fiberglass tanks.
  • Custom stainless, fiberglass and steel skids, ladders and platforms for tank mixers, top of tank access and tank mounted components. Tank and Mixer Systems
  • Drinking water, in Fiberglass tanks are steam cured post production and Polyethylene plastic tanks made of NSF and FDA resins.
  • Air drying systems extract humidity from vent air, this low velocity air flow passes through a large desiccant bed.
  • Brine maker and saturators using polyethylene and fiberglass tanks, vessels to resist the corrosion of sodium chloride.
  • Plastic tanks of polyethylene and specially treated fiberglass tanks / vessels are used in many wineries for grape juice storage and some aging functions, special post steam cure in fiberglass is required.
  • Rain water tanks for collection and storage systems, store today and use tomorrow, rain water suitable for irrigation and most agricultural applications, drinking requires post filtration. Rain water tank collection systems available in either indoor and outdoor storage. Large farm, Industrial or Small home storage for a dependable source of drinking water indoor and outdoor storage.
  • Fiberglass FRP Tanks / Vessels and Containers at,
  • Plastic and Fiberglass Tank Resins are available in FDA & NSF approved materials.
  • Professional Grade Industrial Cross-linked and Linear Polyethylene tanks at,
  • NSF 61 Certification, NFPA, AWWA, API, ASME, ASTM certifications & FDA Specifications.
  • RCRA guidelines include integration of secondary containment, Polyethylene plastic and fiberglass Double Wall Storage Tanks accomplish this design requirement. Primary chemical storage tank systems with secondary containment elements in polyethylene and fiberglass are chemically resistant to most chemical compounds.
  • Cone Bottom and Flat Bottom Mixing Tanks are integrated into mixing systems for Liquid Powder / Multiple Liquid mixing systems with mixer bridges. Mixers Electric and Air Driven
  • Plastic Vessels and Containers available in linear polyethylene, cross linked polyethylene, polypropylene and fiberglass FRP with vinyl ester and isophathalic resin systems.
  • Opaque Plastic Poly Tanks and Fiberglass Tanks with capability to control Algae growth in rainwater storage, and CIP (Clean In Place) protocols for treating food process and water tanks to insure bacteria free water.
  • Mixers and Agitators provide particle reduction, and the integration of multiple chemicals, small or large. We provide agitator / mixers systems and support structures (bridges), from 100 to 30,000 gallons.
  • Plastic Vessels and Containers are available in linear polyethylene, cross linked polypropylene and fiberglass FRP, vinyl ester and isophathalic resin systems.

We specialize in aggressive chemical storage containers, Hydrofluoric acid HF, Hydrochloric Acid HCL, Sulphuric Acid; Sodium Hydroxide Caustics. Sodium hypochlorite bleach, Sodium Bisulphate, Alum, Polymer Storage, and many other chemical storage tanks and containers. Chemical Tank Systems