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Wooden Water Tanks, Drinking Water and Fire Water Storage, Field Fabricated and Installed 

Wooden water tanks atop a building produces hydrostatic pressure at the rate of 1 psig for each 2.34 feet of vertical elevation.

A 16 story building 234 feet tall, produces 100 psi of water pressure at grade, thats a lot of pressure.

           New York water tower   

Indoor plumbing began replacing well-drawn water in the 1840s, and when a post-Civil War housing boom led to higher buildings, water towers became necessary to keep up the pressure.

Approximately 10,000 currently dot the New York City skyline.

Wooden tanks have pleasing esthetics, but over time they degrade and begin to leak.


We provide permanent solutions to leaking wooden tanks, call us today, and let us help you can retain the look of wood with the long life and zero maintenance... 


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