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Plastic tank, rotationally molded one piece seamless vessels. Polyethylene resins are UV resistant, NSF and FDA approved for a variety of food grade and pharmaceutical applications. Store water and chemicals, Colors include black for sunlight sensitive liquids, algae reduction, opacity and translucent white for visible indication of level against molded in indicators In gallons.

   polyethylene plastic tank with ansi flange mounted to tank wall Female and male stainless tank adapters

Vertical Flat bottom Dome Top Polyethylene Plastic Tanks, Available in ASTM 1998, NSF and NFPA Specifications

Vertical Storage Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks and Drinking Water Storage Tanks
Gallon CapacityDiameterOverall HeightFill OpeningOutlet/Drain Premium Weight
Part No. White
AvailHeavy Weight
Part No.
22¤20"20"8"3/4" I,XNA-
25¤18"29"5"3/4" ANA-
50¤18"53"5"3/4" ANA-
65¤23"43"8"1 1/4" ANA-
75¤23"49"8"1 1/4" ANA-
100¤28"43"8"1 1/4" ANA-
105¤23"63"8"2" ANA-
12038"31"5"1 1/4" C,D,E,G,I,L,TNA-
13032"46"8"3/4" TNA-
15030"56"8"1 1/4" ANA-
16531"56"16"2" ANA-
20030"72"8"2" ANA-
21032"67"16"2" ANA-
22042"44"5"1 1/4" C,D,E,G,I,L,TNA-
25030"89"8"2" ANA-
30035"79"16"2" ANA-
30546"50"16"2" C,D,E,F,G,H,L,TNA-
31032"94"16"2" B,CNA-
50048"73"16"2" B,C,D,E,F,G,H,L,T F, H, L,T
55067"44"16"2" ANA-
75048"103"16"2" B, C, D, E, L,TNA-
85048"118"16"2" C,D,E, LNA-
100064"80"16"2" B,C,D,E,F,G,H,L,T B,C,D,E,F,G,H,L,T
100072"66"16"2" LNA-
110087"53"16"2" AC, E, F, G, H,I, L,T
1100 G87"53"16"2" D,TD,T
125060"114"16"2" TT
150064"116"16"2" B,C,D,E,F,G,L,TB, C, D,F, G, L,T
150560"135"16"2" TT
155087"67"16"2" AA
1550 G87"67"16"2" D,TD,T
170087"74"16"2" C,IC,I
Vertical Storage Tanks
Gallon CapacityDiameterOverall HeightFill OpeningOutlet/Drain  AvailHeavy Weight
Part No.
200064"152"16"2" B,D,L,D,L
200090"84"16"2" HH
210087"89"16"2" B,C,D,E,F,G,I,L,TB,C,D,E,F,G,I,L,T
2100102"69"16"2" J-
250095"91"16"2" AA
2500102"79"22"2" LL
300091"119"16"2" I-
300095"109"16"2" AA
300095"109"16"3" AA
3000102"93"16"2" TT
3000102"93"22"2" LL
4000102"125"16"3"/2" G-
4200102"131"16"3"/2" J, T-
5000102"152"16"3"/2" B,C,D,E,F,G,H,L,TB,C,D,E,F,G,H,L,T
5500138"92"16"3"/2" I-
6000102"182"16"3"/2" B,L,TB,L,T
6100119"140"16"3"/2" C, D, G, HC, D, G, H
6500119"150"16"3"/2" B, E, L,XB, E, L,X
6500120"147"16"3"/2" TT
7800119"176"16"3"/2" B,L,XB,L,X
8400119"188"16"3"/2" L,XL,X
9000141"146"22"3"/2" BB
10000141"160"22"3"/2" B,J,L,TB,J,L,T
11000144"167"22"3"/2" XX
12000141"193"22"**3" B,J,L,TB,J,L,T
13000144"198"22"**3" XX
15000141"244"16"**3" LL
15000165"186"22"**3" B*,J,T,X*B*,J,T,X*
20000165"242"22"***3" B*,J,X*B*,J,X*
*Two tanks must ship together on one truck for FOB St. Bonifacius, MN or Albertville, AL
**3 Stainless Steel Bolted Fitting
***3" Stainless Steel Bolted Fitting
¤May ship UPS



Polyethylene tanks are used for the storage of most every conceivable liquid, drinking water, pharmaceuticals and aggressive chemical storage tank applications.

ASTM Rotational Molded Plastic Tanks, produces a one piece seamless construct, removing stress as a tank expands and contracts.

Welded process connections and compression type fittings with suitable gaskets, provide process inlets, outlets and vents.

Commercial Series is designed for liquids that have a specific gravity of 1.5 at 73 Degrees F

Industrial Professional series is designed for liquids that have a specific gravity of 1.9 at 73 Degrees F

Note: Chemical resistances are based on ambient temperatures and require additional consideration as temperatures elevate.

NSF 61 Certified Resins are available on all tanks

Seismic Zone 4 Restraint Kits - Resin comply with NSF and FDA requirements and USDA CFR 177.1520

Excellent chemical and impact resistance, ASTM 1998 "Specifications for Vertical rotationally molded polyethylene tanks.

Linear and Crosslink polyethylene resins - All tanks are UV stabilized - Compliance with Federal Spill Containment 40CFR 264.193

Always a surprise, physics: Regardless of the diameter of a pipe or vessel / tank...    Pressure is produced by a combination, the liquids specific gravity and the elevation at which the pressure is measured...    (Example) Water with a specific gravity of 1.0, produces pressure at a rate of: 1 PSIG per each 2.31 feet of elevation. 23 feet of water produces 10 psig...