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De-icing Storage Systems, Turn key design and installation of 17 sites in State of Virginia

Magnesium Chloride, Virginia Department of Transportation Double wall plastic tanks with secondary containment to prevent chemicals into the environment.

Spec: 6500 gallons of Magnesium Chloride in a double wall tank system: 6000 gallon double wall plastic polyethylene tanks for magniesium chloride

1... Double wall polyethylene tank, vessel designed for 1.9 specific gravity liquids, 6500 gallon primary container with 110% secondary container.

2... Level gauge is reverse reading for visual indication of level.

3... Pump for transferring Mag-Chlor from storage tank to vehicle mounted tanks, pump is chemical resistant

4... Pump is mounted in a weather resistant plastic housing with block valves and male camlock hose couplings.

5... Hoses are 1 1/2" with female camlock stainless steel  couplings, galvanized hose hanger.

6... Loading line assembly for off loading Mag Chlor into storage vessel.

7... Foundation is 6" by 8" treated timbers, with flanged corners, back filled with pea gravel, an excellent foundation.

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