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 Fire Water Tanks, Fiberglass Tanks, Bolted Steel Tanks NFPA Approved


Fiberglass Tanks, Storage for Water, Fire Water and Chemicals ASTM 3299 Specifications for Filament Wound Fiberglass Tanks.   



Raventank.com has an abundance information on our Fiberglass Tank Product Line...     

More Fiberglass Tank Information at http://www.raventank.com frp tank - blue.jpg (11072 bytes)

Fiberglass storage tanks may provide service in multiple chemical processing phases... 

Fiberglass resins have a wide chemical and temperature resistance ranges.

Specifications may include fire retardants and ultra violet inhibitors as well as their chemical resistance.

Fiberglass reinforced chemical tanks have reduced maintenance costs as exterior coating are intrinsic to the structure.

Manufacturing fiberglass tanks utilize the latest in chop and filament winding equipment, supplying our customers the highest quality fiberglass structures. 

Materials of construction include Vinyl ester, Isophthalic, Ortho and Vinyl Ester resins, ASTM Specification compliance and quality control is guided by API, AWWA; ASTM-3299, NFPA 22, FDA and NSF Specifications.

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    The following is a most informative site on the subject of Fiberglass Tanks, Link to Fiberglass tank data at Raventank.com


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