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Double Wall Tanks, Primary vessel and a secondary containment vessel in one structure, available in fiberglass and polyethylene.

Secondary containment or dual wall tanks or pans are back up systems, our double wall tank containment systems are the most excellent backup plans for the potential spills of aggressive chemicals. 

Acids, caustics and other chemical compounds may stored in our 1.9 specific gravity ASTM rotationally molded double wall polyethylene tanks.

Primary tank in the foreground and secondary containment on the right, also in tDouble wall plastic snyder tankhe back ground of picture on left.

tank on left is secondary containment tank,  tank on right is the primary    


The following are through hole process connections that connect the primary and secondary tank walls.


Interior shows transition fitting between primary and secondary containment plastic tanks...

Best to fill and extract chemicals through the top of the tank, which is the primary. The top extends over the

secondary which prevents rain from entering the secondary containment.