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Polyethylene Cone Bottom Tank and Poly Stand,

Cone bottom tanks of polyethylene plasticCone Bottom Plastic Storage Tanks, provide a one piece seamless construct,  Polyethylene plastic tanks has a greater corrosion resistance for chemical storage and processing. Cone bottom plastic tanks provide full drainage, less maintenance and a lighter weight of any cone bottom tank system, and its less expensive...

Integration to process and full drainage produces an all poly cone bottom tank that is maintenance free polyethylene tank and a plastic stand that provides unequaled corrosion resistance.

JP Series is designed to handle contents that have a maximum specific

gravity of 1.9 at 73° F. with maximum temperatures to 140F                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Polyethylene Cone Bottom Stands
Tank Size (Gallon)ABCD 
175 - 30°NA31 1/2"8"43"
300 - 30°NA32"8"49"
310 - 30°NA31 1/2"8"43"
500 - 30°NA32"8"49"
750 - 20°NA34"10"73"
1050 - 20°NA34"10"73"
1600 - 30°NA46"10"89"
2500/3000 - 30°NA47"10"96"

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